I’d love someone elses opinion on this. Am I crazy? I mean, hopefully, you’ve read some of my other posts and you can get some sort of idea on how totally nuts I am 0.o. Feel free to tell me I’m crazy(everyone does).

The whole point of that ^^^ was to say how much I hate having to make two of something, but I love slippers! I can usually whiz through the first one but then the second one can take weeks or months to make! I volunteered to do a test crochet on ravelry for these mens house slippers(for myself of course :-)) and I have successfully finished one




With a few photos! But it’s the next one thats worrying me…

I’m going to have to finish it by Tuesday because I’ve promised pictures by then :-0

So I ask you again, am I totally and completely insane???

Ah, well, if I am, I’ll just have to live with it!

Wish me Lots of Luck!




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