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Monkey Mitts



In case you can’t tell, it’s a baby mitten with an intarsia monkey knit into it 🙂 This was(and technically still is{I havn’t photographed the second mitt}) a test knit for Vintagenettles(Ravelry) and the pattern(when it’s released) will be linked to these bold words: Animal Spirit Baby Mittens

That’s all I have to share today(unless you count this 🙂 )


P.S. There’s a link up now!


Slowly Regaining My Accomplishments



I’ve finished my test-knit. Yay!!!! Let us rejoice 😀

Ahem, The Pattern is from Susy Romanelli, It’s called Hubby’s slouchy hat and has yet to be released(I was a tester)!










Mine is a little shorter than hers 🙂 Her pattern called for chunky weight yarn and I used worsted held doubled and, can you believe I had enough of one color???

I’m now enjoying my pride in accomplishment


And more knitting 😉





I’ve failed in a LOT of things. French, Math, even English! And I was never really “ashamed” of that sort of failure but now, I have failed myself 😦 I promised myself that I would finish my other Slipper by Tuesday, Not Done. I promised myself that I wouldn’t start any new projects until I had completed March’s Designers Challenge, 1 Hat, 1 Scarf and 2 Amigurumi’s. I’ve failed! Ok. Now I’ve said it. But I have started my peacock socks 🙂 Oh didn’t I tell you? Geuss not, woops!

March’s Designers Challenge went up on March 1st. The Challenge is to create a pair of toe-up socks with the theme of peacock! If you’d like to see the actual post here it goes into detail. So although I can’t share any sketches of mine with you I can tell you what I’m going to call them……………………….. Plumage

I know, very lack-luster but it does account for a large portion of it’s non-existant self 😉

Thats all for now ta-ta 🙂




St.Patrick’s Day! It’s coming round the bend with all the leprechon’s prepared to whack you over the head with a sheleighly sticks(they are very temper-mental you know). So the question is…How are you really supposed to celebrate Saint Patrick?

Well, the one thing that has never failed me on a holiday is (a) Candy and (b) Decorations and nothing says, “Welcome, you crazy leprechon’s!” like four-leafed clovers!

When I was really little, I thought that it was three-leafed clovers that were the lucky ones and I could never understand why everyone always had such a hard time finding them! 🙂

So, now that I know that I should have been looking for four leaves, I’m going to make some to try and draw the little green Irish in my direction 😉 tonight I think I’ll make a clover chain to replace my Halloween paper chain that now swings atop my door 🙂

I’ll be using Julie Kundhi’s wonderful tiny four-leaf clovers pattern on Ravelry and joining them all with a chain 🙂 (this is where most of my creativity both begins and ends)

Look around and try to find the little greenies, they love to hide all around and study us you know 🙂




I’d love someone elses opinion on this. Am I crazy? I mean, hopefully, you’ve read some of my other posts and you can get some sort of idea on how totally nuts I am 0.o. Feel free to tell me I’m crazy(everyone does).

The whole point of that ^^^ was to say how much I hate having to make two of something, but I love slippers! I can usually whiz through the first one but then the second one can take weeks or months to make! I volunteered to do a test crochet on ravelry for these mens house slippers(for myself of course :-)) and I have successfully finished one




With a few photos! But it’s the next one thats worrying me…

I’m going to have to finish it by Tuesday because I’ve promised pictures by then :-0

So I ask you again, am I totally and completely insane???

Ah, well, if I am, I’ll just have to live with it!

Wish me Lots of Luck!



Frogging Froglessly


Hehe! I hope that my title didn’t confuse you, did it?

Anyway, I just finished a test knit on Ravelry for Suzanne Nielsen(shezam on Ravelry) and it’s absolutely adorbs! I’m sure that you’ve guessed by now that it has something or other to do with frogs, and your right!

Isn’t he(or she) just the cutest? This wonderful pattern is called Froggy Cloth(there’s your link to the pattern) And it was pretty darn quick!

Suzannes’ pattern call for filling the eyes with ping-pong balls so that little froggy can float in the tub but, I did a little thinking and thought, “What If I filled the eyes with soap instead?” So now he gets a little foamy ’round the eyes when I use him 😛


One Pig, Two Pig…


One day recently, I was sitting at my over abundant stash of really, really acrylic-y, disgusting yarns thinking, “What on Earth am I going to do with all this! There isn’t enough to make any hats or decorations(not that I need any more) and there’s too much to make any small toys(not that I need any more of those either plus, anything that would take that much is always doomed to be started but never finished {see my Granny Square Blanket started July 2010}) So I went surfing(web not ocean since it is winter and a bit too cold for my taste) on Ravelry and finally found the wonderful Chichester The Pig Pattern By Helen Apocalypse! Her Blog which she posted it too read exactly what I was looking for;

Chichester the Pig was born when someone asked me for 26 knitted pigs for an event and I was forced to come up with a pattern that I could knit 26 times without it making me crazy.”

Perfection! I printed it out and knit up oh…2…or 3…or…cough, cough, 7, cough, cough. But in my defense one did escape my picture taking frenzy 😉 Here they are:

From left to right: Betty, Letty, Netty, and half a Jetty...


...Half a Netty, Jetty, Petty and Earl






The only piggy missing from this lovely family portrait is Jim-Bob III. He was light blue and the same size as Jetty!



Happy (be-lated, or is it just lated?) Valentines Day 😀

~ Eleni