Welcome! Here is a list, description and, where possible, pic, app or link of all of my crafty ventures on the internet.

First there’s Ravelry. My user name on Ravlery is Eleisaga. And Here is a link to my designs page! Ravelry is where I sell all of my original patterns, Ravelry is also where I keep track of all of my projects and participate in certain groups. One of my favorites is the Designers Challenge Group. Every month they have a designing challenge with wonderful yarn prizes, plus they are all wonderfully nice people :-). I also test all of my new patterns in the Testing pool group before I release them.


Etsy. I have finally done it and opened up my own Etsy Shop! My Shop, The Kitschy Crafter, is a bit empty right now but I’m hoping to have quite a bit more in there soon! If You see something that I’ve made here, on my blog, and you simple must have one, I might be selling one in my shop, or you can ask me to custom order you one.

If there are any updates or new places to find me I’ll be sure to update this page ASAP 🙂



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