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Frogging Froglessly


Hehe! I hope that my title didn’t confuse you, did it?

Anyway, I just finished a test knit on Ravelry for Suzanne Nielsen(shezam on Ravelry) and it’s absolutely adorbs! I’m sure that you’ve guessed by now that it has something or other to do with frogs, and your right!

Isn’t he(or she) just the cutest? This wonderful pattern is called Froggy Cloth(there’s your link to the pattern) And it was pretty darn quick!

Suzannes’ pattern call for filling the eyes with ping-pong balls so that little froggy can float in the tub but, I did a little thinking and thought, “What If I filled the eyes with soap instead?” So now he gets a little foamy ’round the eyes when I use him 😛