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All Laced Up


Ah, lace. It’s so light and airy and incredibly simple, I just love it! I’ve also been wanting to knit myself a pair of socks for Fall and school starting back up, and I keep seeing all these gorgeous lace front sock patterns on Ravelry! Unfortunately all the ones I would really like to make (like this pair and this pair) have been made for purchasing purposes only! Although its very true that there are some truly lovely free patterns it’s just not quite the same and, while i probably could (although with much agitation) figure out how to creating some lovely socks with my own pattern writing skills, I don’t have that terribly much experience  in sock knitting and wouldn’t want to waste many hours designing and making something that I wouldn’t really wear that much. I needed a solution. You’d think it would have come to me sooner I mean honestly, I spend nearly all my days at our local library, I just always associate it with computers and the internet now as we don’t have that at home. I mean, I get books and movies all the time from the library I just don’t usually knit from a book. So I found the book (or rather my mother did) “Socks From The Toe Up” by Wendy Knits it was perfect!

I’ve always been fascinated with toe up socks and I despise cuff-down on all the occasions I try them, and I love quite a few of the patterns in Wendy Johnsons book. My two absolute favorites are her Lace and Cable Socks and her Ribbed Ribbons Socks (Although her Labyrinth socks are great too) and as whenever I try to knit cables with tiny needles and tiny yarn they end up floppy and I didn’t love the Labyrinth socks in the “I’ll wear you until you develop so many holes I can’t patch you up anymore” way, I was set on her Ribbed Ribbons socks.

Yarn. I need yarn. I found some Sacoun Sock yarn in a pretty green that no one was using and snatched it up. I did have to do a bit of pulling out from an adbandoned project and decided to start knitting the next morning…today. I cast-on around noon and just recently finished Row 7 of the lace instep chart




The Lace hasn’t started that zig-zaggy pattern yet but I’m hoping that I just havn’t done enough of the pattern yet 🙂

Since I’ve been lately using David Bowie’s music for good “Karma” purposes here is and earlier song of his called ‘Karma Man’ 



A Layz-about Rainy Day


Not Very Much Happened today to be quite honest. It rained so that put a plug in any outdoor plans and the rain makes me feel trapped indoors so that leaves only one thing to do today, Knit. I finally got started on my August Designers Challenge (I’m going with the pidgeon theme but it might not be quite what you expect :-)) I knit about three inches of the leg on my Bowie suit which, I don’t believe I’ve told you about yet and theres no time like the present!

David Bowie is one of my absolute favorite Pop singers (He’s right up there with The Beatles). In the 70’s he had an album and tour and show called ‘Ziggy Stardust’. He dressed up in insane costumes and makeup and his red mullet. It had come to my attention that one of my favorite costumes he wore was knit! Granted it was a giant one armed one legged unitard almost entirely covered with stripes of different patterns of intarsia but thats hardly important! I went out and got the yarn I would need and sat down and started knitting, I tyhought the leg would be the best place to start considering theres only one and it’s basically a tube until you reach the knee…I was wrong.

Here’s a picture that might help you understand my difficulties:

I have reached the part of the leg where the picture is cut off…I gave up on the yellow intarsia circles.

Ah well, slow and steady wins the race 🙂

For good luck/carma purposes I shall give you another David Bowie Song today, It’s called Ashes to Ashes and the music video is really odd but really funny too…unintentionally of course 🙂

One Pig, Two Pig…


One day recently, I was sitting at my over abundant stash of really, really acrylic-y, disgusting yarns thinking, “What on Earth am I going to do with all this! There isn’t enough to make any hats or decorations(not that I need any more) and there’s too much to make any small toys(not that I need any more of those either plus, anything that would take that much is always doomed to be started but never finished {see my Granny Square Blanket started July 2010}) So I went surfing(web not ocean since it is winter and a bit too cold for my taste) on Ravelry and finally found the wonderful Chichester The Pig Pattern By Helen Apocalypse! Her Blog which she posted it too read exactly what I was looking for;

Chichester the Pig was born when someone asked me for 26 knitted pigs for an event and I was forced to come up with a pattern that I could knit 26 times without it making me crazy.”

Perfection! I printed it out and knit up oh…2…or 3…or…cough, cough, 7, cough, cough. But in my defense one did escape my picture taking frenzy 😉 Here they are:

From left to right: Betty, Letty, Netty, and half a Jetty...


...Half a Netty, Jetty, Petty and Earl






The only piggy missing from this lovely family portrait is Jim-Bob III. He was light blue and the same size as Jetty!



Happy (be-lated, or is it just lated?) Valentines Day 😀

~ Eleni

Challenge, Shmallenge!


^^^^^^I’ve completed my designer’s challenge as you can see ^^^^^^

Yippee, yippee!!! I’m putting pics up in the group as we speak…talk…type? Ah well you get the point!

          I will be, fairly soon, posting a “Call for Testers”(that sounds so official) in the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry if anyone is in the mood to test and are really really forgetful, feel free to use my contact info here, to reach me and I’ll remind you when I set up the thread 😀

          While we(meaning me) are on this topic, I’ll take this opportunity to bore you to death with lots of words with pretty pictures in between ;-D

I used a really…erm…well…different(?) technique for the “Blocking” part of the challenge

  I used stones to “full” the top of the mitten because I thought it looked a bit…Blauh before that 🙂

I wanted to add all sorts of little details to the mittens but that just made it impossible to finish! I wanted to have little windows and doorways and criss-crossy designs all over but then I remembered that I couldn’t with crochet :-/ So please imagine that these are the most intricate of intricate mittens that you’ve ever seen just to make me feel better 🙂

Thank you so much for looking 🙂 🙂 :-/ 😛 😦 🙂 🙂


January, Post #1


January’s Challenge brought many things…Including a new design to be made!

The Challenge was is to create a:

Object: a pair of mittens
Theme: architecture
Technique: blocking

And you can win:
first place prize yarn
First place can win 4 skeins of Knit Picks City Tweed HW in “Marsh” and one skein of Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in the colorway of “Pearl Ten”.

second place prize yarn
Second place can win one skein of Knit Picks Palette in “Mustard” and one hank of Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in the colorway of “Mariposa”.

Yipee!!! Isn’t it exciting? If YOU would like to participate you can check out the thread here on Ravelry.


P.S. If you don’t have a Ravelry you might want to think about getting one :-).

P.P.S. Unless of course you don’t knit, crochet, spin or weave…then maybe you shouldn’t :-).